World Anthropology Day 2016

Thursday 18th February 2016 is World Anthropology Day, and anthropologists across the globe are celebrating all things anthro. Yes, the study of humans now has its own international celebration day!


Universities, groups and workplaces can share their knowledge of anthropology through public workshops, blogs or presentations. Individual anthropologists or practitioners of anthropological methods can share photos, work and experiences through the #AnthroDay and #WorldAnthropologyDay tags on social media too.

Why not join in, or check them out on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Here are some of my favourites:

@solidgoldmacher shares her social anthropology “field work” in business:

@rockstaranthro shares a snap from her bones (biological anthropology) outreach workshop:



Want to know more about anthropology?
●  Discover Anthropology  [article]
●  From Savage to Self  [radio] – BBC Series on the history of anthropology and modern day anthropology – even studies of outer space!

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