AnthroDay 2017

Thursday 16th February 2017 is the annual worldwide celebration of anthropology – the social science that looks at what it means to be human.

Last year, anthropologists from across the globe shared what they were working on. And the range of projects might surprise you!

“They are cracking the culture codes of consumers and corporations (Intel, Pepsico, Target, Hormel), studying human-machine interactions (driverless cars anyone?), and unlocking the mysteries behind “superspreaders” – the people responsible for accelerating infectious disease epidemics.” – Why Social Science

Some are even looking at outer space… Check out this Sapiens article for more on that.

Here’s hoping AnthroDay 2017 will be just as interesting! You can keep up with what people are posting on Twitter, using #AnthroDay.

I’ll pop back here to add some of my favourite posts, as I did last year. I’m hoping to join in the fun myself too, over on Twitter! Let me know if you spot any particularly good posts throughout the day, or have any thoughts to share in the comments.

Want to know more about anthropology?
●  Discover Anthropology  [article]
●  From Savage to Self  [radio series] – BBC Series on the history of anthropology and modern day anthropology.

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